Landscaping Services in Santa Barbara, CA

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If you are a landscaper like me, you know we have all had those customers that do not pay for the hard work that we do. What are you going to do, sue me? they say. They know the cost of taking them to court is often more than the price of the job and they think they can just get away with it UNTIL NOW! www.Grassholes.net is an online database that landscapers can use to keep track of and report...
We cut trees and grind stumps all over San Diego from the border out to Alpine and up to Oceanside. Please text me a picture of your tree or stump for a free estimate. For stumps please put a soda can on it so it brings it to scale size for me so I can tell you the cheapest I think we could do it for. For trees, please stand back and take a picture of the whole tree, from top to bottom, so I ca...
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